L Ucles, La Ceiba

!!Beautiful Hotel!! By far the best in town. Really clean and comfty. Lots of facilities available, the deck is so nice, you can catch a swim just infront of the lodge. Spectacular rooms with a beaUtiful sight.Just so relaxing I really enjoyed it..

Rose C, US

We had the best time at Utila Lodge. You couldn’t ask for any better! Diving was great! Josh and Willie were fabulous! We love you guys! Your friends from Stingray’s Scuba School

Coveah B., Denver, Colorado

About Utila Lodge (9.5 out of 10 stars) June 3, 2011 Staff: Had genuine good attitudes, it did not seem like they just put on a smile for the guests. Also, they all are completely fluent in English. The lodge makes you feel comfortable because the people running it...

Tammy E, Salem, Oregon

We had the pleasure of traveling to C.A. for our vacation this year. Working in a retail environment the rest of the year, we wanted to relax and enjoy some quiet. Having gotten a great recommendation, we decided to stay at Utila Lodge. While we were guests at the...

Pamela K, Rockville, Maryland

My boyfriend and I had the most wonderful week at the Utila Lodge. The moment we arrived we were treated like royalty by Kisty, Queen Anne and the rest of the staff. Josh, our dive master and Seth (aka Marvin/Borat) were wonderful and gave us their undivided...