Diving With Dolphins

Come dive with the dolphins of Utila! Let these friendly creatures amaze you in this incredible dive experience.

The Dolphins of Utila

The  tropical waters of Utila are home to thousands of aquatic species which is what makes every dive unique and exciting! Not excluded from this list is the very playful and social mammal known as the dolphin! Specifically, divers and non-divers have been known to encounter 3 various species of the dolphin family while traveling the waters around Utila: The Long-Snouted Spinner Dolphin, The Rough Toothed Dolphin, and The Bottlenose Dolphin!

The Long-Snouted Spinner Dolphin:

Considered one of the most acrobatic of their relatives, Spinner Dolphins are known for their spectacular aerial displays where they leap out of the water and spin like a cork through the air! These magnificent creatures have long slender body’s with an erect dorsal fin which they can spin up to 7 times in one single leap. Spinner Dolphins are typically found in inshore waters close to the island, so keep your eyes pealed when traveling close to the shore!

The Rough Toothed Dolphin:

Known most commonly for their distinctive “Surfing” behavior where the dolphin moves at a high speed with its’ chin and head above the water, the Rough Toothed Dolphin is also known for its’ tight group formation and synchronized pod activities. The head of the dolphin has a unique shape where the beak runs smoothly into the forehead which makes distinguishable  from its’ relatives. Rough Toothed Dolphins are most often found in deeper waters offshore so pay attention when traveling to and from those more secluded dive sites!

Dolphins side by sideThe Bottlenose Dolphin:

The most commonly spotted species of dolphin to roam the waters of Utila, The Bottlenose Dolphin is known primarily for its’ playful and acrobatic behaviors! These dolphins are also known for their signature whistles and social interactions which provide for extremely exciting in-water experiences. The Bottlenose Dolphin has also been known to raise a few voices on the boat, as they seem to like to enjoy riding off of the bow or in the wake of traveling dive boats!

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