Red Ridge Stables Eco Tours – Utila

Discover Utila on horse back.

Let Red Ridge Stables transport you back in time. Join our tour guide on a scenic ride of Utila. Ride through the beautiful back trails covered with lush vegetation, or take a ride along the beaches of our majestic island, or ride to the top of Stuarts Hill, the second highest point on the island for a breathtaking 360 degree view. Our guide will give you a behind the scenes look into island living rarely seen by tourists.

Become familiar with the flora and fauna, to include some interesting facts about the old “bush” remedies and the history of families that inhabited Utila. This trip is the perfect opportunity for photography buffs to capture the beauty of the island in it’s glory.

Can’t dive? Or have to fly out the next day? This is a great way to spend your afternoon. You haven’t truly experienced Utila to its fullest if you haven’t ventured past the dive shops and main street. Let Red Ridge Stables show you all the island has to offer. (Inquire at the UL office.)



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