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Utila Lodge | Scuba Diving Caribbean Turquoise Waters

Your Utila Dive Destination

A Hidden Jewel in the Caribbean

A True Diver's Paradise

Your Vacation, Your Way

Memorable Dives Await You

Join us for a dive holiday you’ll never forget

A Caribbean Dive Resort for You

Paradise as it was intended! Set out over the turquoise Caribbean waters of Utila Bay, Utila Lodge is the perfect place for whatever you’re looking for in a vacation. We can be your relaxing getaway, we can be your home for a week of great diving, and we can be your home during a week of high adventure.

Join us so we can exceed your expectations with personalized service, incredible diving, and five star hospitality!

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Why Utila?

Whether a tranquil getaway or an adventure vacation, Utila and Utila Lodge provides a perfect escape!


Dive Packages

Our Dive Packages range from relaxed to adventurous. Choose the all-inclusive vacation that is right for you.


Discover Utila

A morning of diving served with an afternoon of adventure – it’s time for you to excite your life!


Lionfish Hunting

Become a licensed Lionfish Hunter with us and join the fight against this invasive species. Eat what you kill the same day!


Looking to explore the ocean? Looking to get tropical? Looking to have the time of your life? 

Imagine enjoying the Caribbean lifestyle with your friends and family. Imagine seeing marine life you’ve never seen before. Imagine swapping stories with divers from all over the world. Imagine rocking back and forth in your hammock on your very own private screened in porch. Imagine redefining the word “vacation”.

What you’re imagining is your stay at Utila Lodge.

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