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Accommodations | Utila Lodge

Deluxe Rooms built out over the Caribbean

Utila Lodge has 8 beautiful island-style private rooms built out over the Caribbean with modern amenities, private bathrooms, and private screened in porches.  Each room has a queen and a double bed in it and the bathrooms have his and her sinks. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, and free high speed wireless internet.

The beds are comfy, the rooms are spacious, and the private porches are the perfect place to unwind.


Your Home away from Home

We want our rooms to provide you with the same sense of comfort you that have at your own home.

It wouldn’t be a proper dive vacation without having a place to get a great night of sleep before heading out on the next day’s morning boat and it wouldn’t be a proper Caribbean escape if there wasn’t a place to lay in a hammock to enjoy a beautiful sunset.