About Utila Lodge (9.5 out of 10 stars) June 3, 2011
Staff: Had genuine good attitudes, it did not seem like they just put on a smile for the guests. Also, they all are completely fluent in English. The lodge makes you feel comfortable because the people running it are all family. It doesn’t feel like you are in an establishment with management and employees, I never heard anyone barking orders. Kisti, the owner runs a tight ship….everything was well organized as far as food and menus, and everything was very clean, including the kitchen (SPOTLESS). Everyone trusts each other here, they use the honor system at the bar if the bartender is away.
Captain Willy took us out fishing and he was great. He was very knowledgeable and kept up with steering the boat, catching bait, rigging our rods, and helping land our fish. A lot of people get turned off by the thought of ocean fishing because they get sea-sick, including me. So Willy took us back into a calm lagoon where we caught a variety of fish that were much bigger than what we expected to be in there. We caught barracuda, grey snapper, snook, lady-fish, and I hooked into 2 large tarpon that “shook the hook” close to the boat. Willy must have changed our bait a hundred times within the 5 hours we were out.
I went diving only twice because I have very sensitive ears. My dive-master George was excellent! He was very patient with me. I had not been diving for 10 years so I was pretty nervous. I was his only diver on the first dive so I got full attention. He made sure all my gear was on right and made many adjustments to everything underwater. I felt comfortable and less panicked with him.
Everyone accommodated us in every way possible to make sure we had a great trip, and all of our our specific needs were considered.
Our Room:
The room we had was very CLEAN, spacious and practical for our needs, we could easily fit our bikes in our room, instead of having to lock them up outside. The bed was comfy and we got good sleep here, which has commonly been a problem on some of our other trips. The A.C. worked great, and we had an adjoining sunroom that worked perfect for drying out all our wet clothes. The room was cleaned nicely every day, and we never saw any bugs. The only down-fall about our room was that there was a lot of construction work (hammering and circular saws) going on during the day time. However, we understand that our trip was planned during “low-season” and that the work needs to get done sometime. We were glad they at least waited until mid-day to start the work, and they would quit working around 4-5 p.m. They tried to plan for the work to be done while guests would be out doing activities, even though this was the hottest part of the day to work…POOR guys! The nice thing about being here during low-season: we rarely had neighbors and had the entire lodge practically to ourselves.

The food:
The food at the Utila Lodge was wonderful (and SAFE). We chose to stay here specifically because it’s nice to have food on site. Sometimes when you get tired from the day’s activities, the last thing you want to do is go and search for a restaurant and then have to wait another hour to be served. Many of the other places here in Utila don’t have a restaurant on site. We really appreciated having all of our breakfasts on site and being able to just go back to the room and relax. Our favorites here include the twice baked potatoes, pita sandwiches, and fajitas. Their desserts were some of the best I have EVER HAD including bread-pudding (which I usually think is gross but these guys make it YUMMY), Caribbean style key-lime pie (which you just cannot get in the U.S.) and their carrot cake (they made this without nuts so my fiancé could have some too…he is allergic to nuts).

We would definitely come back to the Utila Lodge, it completely exceeded our expectations, and we had a great time!!

2 things you must do if you come to Utila: Snorkel at Blue Bayou (near the mouth of the big lagoon). This reef is INCREDIBLE. You will see eels, stingrays, eagle rays, kingfish, ocean-going triggerfish, Caribbean squid, needlefish, starfish, angelfish, goby fish, tarpon, barracudas, shrimp, yellow tangs, everything is in here! I don’t even know all the names! It’s the healthiest reef I have ever seen.
Go to the Jade Sea-Horse and have drinks up in trees.
Hope you enjoy as much as we did, Mike and Coveah 2011