What a gem! Totally island-casual and comfortable, laid-back and low-key. Kisty, Queen Ann and the rest of the staff are totally focused on the guest-friendly and helpful. The Lodge ran like a well-oiled machine, freeing me up to not have to think about: “Where did I put my passport? What time is dinner? Where is my dive gear?” All was attended to for me. The “over the water” location and design is gorgeous! I liked having the comfort of air conditioning with the charm of a screened porch that let in the breeze and the sound of the surf (I loved my hammock!). It was nice to have all the conveniences that we take for granted- even when traveling to less-developed countries. There was plenty of space to move around, and lots of cozy seating areas for gathering. No glam here- just a comfortable, casual home away from home! I soooooo appreciated the accommodation of my special food needs! I liked that the Lodge is in town, giving me the flexibility to walk around and explore. The diving was terrific, and Captain Seth and Divemaster Jason were superb (“well alright then”- “no dramas”). Thanks to Jason, I even got Nitrox-certified. I had my best vacation ever! Cant wait to come back!