We had the pleasure of traveling to C.A. for our vacation this year. Working in a retail environment the rest of the year, we wanted to relax and enjoy some quiet. Having gotten a great recommendation, we decided to stay at Utila Lodge. While we were guests at the lodge, Kisty went out of her way to make sure we got the much needed relaxation. When resting got the better of us, she made sure to have a list of exciting adventures available. Horseback riding, cave exploring, hiking, snorkeling & fishing, just to name a few. Of course, there is also the diving! Having a personal fear of the BIG WATER, yes, even I went through a diving course at the BICD right there next to the lodge. Rebecca was great, arranging the diving course around our busy relaxation schedule. She even brought in a massage therapist to help. The diving instructor, Sean (aka: Fuzzy), has more patience than anyone else I know!!! Had to have patience…to get ME to breathe under water!!! After I realized that I didn’t die the first time, it was great!!! Shawn (aka:Duder) hooked us up with a couple of fishing trips. Jim caught a 36# Wahoo, 20# Baracuda & several Tuna. After the first trip, I wasn’t allowed on his boat anymore….how was I to know I’d get seasick!?! Sorry Shawn!!!
In reality, the whole staff went out of their way to make our stay memorable Queen Anne can tell the best stories & watch out for her margarita! Alice can locate any kind of non-essential groceries for the desperate dessert fix, even sweet cream!!! She brought it in all the way from the mainland!! We were allowed to share the lodge kitchen, on occasion, only because Jim cooked up a batch of the best peanut butter fudge & shared with the cooks Maria & Alba.
They all went above & beyond what we expected. If you want to know ANYTHING about the island…just ask Kisty! She is a wealth of information & was able to answer all of my 700000 questions. I would recommend Utila Lodge to anyone who would like R & R with a side of adventure! It was like being with family without the annoying relatives!!!!